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What is CryptoX100

CryptoX100.com is a crypto trading platform founded in 2017 by NDG Trading Corp. The platform has experienced record growth since it started, attracting traders from 190 countries with its speed, ease of use, and security.

CryptoX100.com wants to deliver a fast, reliable, multi-device tool for both novice and experienced traders when it comes to offering trading apps. The broker offers everything from native Android and iOS apps to proven and award-winning desktop solutions like CTrader.

CTrader is a platform that protects traders from all kinds of broker basis price manipulations. It is the safest trading platform, preventing any broker from intervening with prices.

CryptoX100.com is registered under the ownership of NDG Trading Corp. a company based in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. The brokerage firm offers forex, oil, metals, indices, and crypto-trading instruments to its clientele. CryptoX100.com aims to connect independent traders to the potential of global financial assets with only Bitcoin as a payment method.

Some of the most traded financial instruments at CryptoX100.com include BTCUSD, EURUSD, USDJPY, BRENT, SPX500, XAUUSD and with more than 100 products. To see all the products please click the “Markets” section in home page.

Opening an Account

First, click the “Create Account” button

Then fill the form in the opening page. Enter your email, confirm your email. Create a password then confirm your password. And choose your account balance currency, this could be USD or Bitcoin.

To complete the process “Login” to your account in the opening page.

You can trade without giving away your personal identification — that’s the beauty of Bitcoin and companies like CryptoX100.com that utilizes on it.

How to Deposit and Withdraw

When login, you will see your Bitcoin wallet in the “Deposit” page. You can deposit bitcoin to start trading. You will see your Bitcoin as mBTC, (1 Bitcoin = 1000 mBTC ).

Also, it is easy to withdraw with Cryptox100.com Go to “Withdraw” section. There is no differences than any other crypto exchanges.

How to Trade

To start trading you have to download cTrader platform to your mobile or your desktop. Or you can start trading immediately with cTrader web platform. Each of these platforms are under the Download section, you can find in the Homepage.

Once you download cTrader platform, it is easy to trade. It has more than 25 language options.

There are some video links below to show you how easy to trade with this professional advance platform.




  • Copy Trade

CryptoX100.com allow traders to connect with other traders and investors and provide copy function. Security should not be a concern if you choose CryptoX100.com. They are the world’s leading social trading network CTraders’ cCopy and provide a smarter way of investing by automatically copying the leading traders in CTrader community. CryptoX100.com exposes you to the market trend and provides a huge advantage, keeping you well-informed about the market conditions and opinions.

For more information please check the video below:


  • Algorithmic Trade

cTrader, as everybody knows, is an award-winning platform that offers cross-platform solutions for online traders. It is equipped with some of the handiest features, particularly the analytics and algorithm trading, that helps its takers enjoy a flexible, and interactive trading environment. You can write your own trading bot or use one of the ready ones. For more information just check the video below:


More About cTrader

  • Transparency: Nobody wants their broker messing with trades for more profit but it's a reality most of us have faced before making the switch to cTrader. From a business point of view, brokers are striving to make more money and don't care if it means your loss.
  • Execution: There have been a few comparative tests on websites to determine the better platform in terms of execution and cTrader came tops. Also, execution speed can mean the deference between a profit and a loss with some strategies hence it's an important consideration.
  • Profitability: Yes, you can make profits with cTrader by doing the right things smartly.

CryptoX100.com relies on a platform which is already considered the most trusted one among the forex and stock traders around the globe.

Speaking of CryptoX100.com’ CTrader particularly, the trading platform is both desktop and web-based. It is equipped with many analytical objects and more than 50 built-in technical indicators, as well as a trading robot to execute and manage trades when traders are away from their laptops/mobiles. Speaking of which, CryptoX100.com’ Ctrader platform does come on smartphones — iOS and Android.

More about cTrader platform there are some links below you can check: